Computer Engineering 290 - Final Project Requirements

For the final project in our class, we'd like you to use all the knowledge that you've accumulated so faithfully and do a killer OpenGL program. Ya know, something that reflects your mind's eye and all that.

The programs will be graded based on how much of your personal objectives are met, minus any technical inaccuracies (of which I'm sure that there will be none). Brad and Dave will review your project submission and determine if we think what you're proposing is complex enough but also possible to finish in the time left.

The required elements of your program include:

These are the absolute minimum requirements and are worth an 80% grade. If, for example, you were to propose that you take lab 3 and add texture mapping and nothing else, that would be worth no more than 80 on the final project, but then we'll take a closer look at the code, too, so it probably won't be worth 80 in the end.

We want to see you reach a little beyond what we have taught you. We're looking for creativity and some understanding of why things work the way they do.

Here are a handful of fun things you might use to get more points or extra credit, but these are not the only tools at your disposal. We may not have talked about these much but they are an important part of OpenGL. (Don't worry, they won't be on the exam if they weren't in the notes.)

We will be checking your project for OpenGL correctness. Some things we will look out for (but not all) are: Think a little bit about what you're doing before you do it and that will help make sure you do it right. (Good advice for anything you do in life!) Also feel free to ask us or send mail to if you have questions.

These requirements may be traded somewhat depending on the content of your project, but we expect the overall difficulty level to remain about the same. For example, you might not use much texture mapping if you were to use complicated transformations, but we expect you to explain that in your proposal.

Here are some suggestions, but these are not the only ideas you can propose. One thing that might help you is to think about your personal interests while you try to come up with a proposal.

When your project is finished, you must present your final project with a short report detailing your project. Requirements for the project report are on the web.