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Dave Shreiner (
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:27:18 -0800 (PST)

Jennifer Magpayo writes:

> What type of questions should we look for on the final more
> definitions or computations?

   Both. A bit of simple, OpenGL related coding (like how you might
render an object with colors, normals, and texture coordinates). A few
small computations (ray intersection [see below], framebuffer memory,
aspect ratio, etc.). Also a working knowledge of definitions:
coordinate spaces (eye, model, world, etc.), blending functions,
geometry matrices, matrix transformations, etc. I won't ask you write
down a definition, but you will need to know what said objects are so
that you know how to use them.

> What type of question can we expect about ray tracing, bounding
> sphere, or culling. We haven't had a lab with these so for me they
> are harder to grasp.

   For ray tracing, either a simple sphere or plane (with possible a
geometric primitive in it). For bounding spheres and culling, knowing
the magic relationship between the parameters that describe a bounding
sphere (center, radius), and how you might apply that (computing the
distance from a point to a plane), would be useful bits of information
to know.

> Thank you,
> Jennifer

   You're welcome. I must say, however, that this email by no means
guarantees any aforementioned topic will be or will not be included in
the exam, and is not binding in any way upon me. :)


Thanx, Dave


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