Performance OpenGL Course Material

Performance OpenGL Course Material

SIGGRAPH 2003 Half-day Course - Performance OpenGL, Platform Independent Techniques

Dave Shreiner organized a half-day course for SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego on performance techniques for OpenGL. Dave, Alan Commike, Brad Grantham, and Bob Kuehne presented the course.

Powerpoint slides, 4.2MB - perfogl_s2003.ppt

Color PDF, 21.3MB - perfogl_s2003.pdf

SIGGRAPH 2002 - Course 37 - Performance OpenGL

Dave Shreiner organized a tutorial for SIGGRAPH 2002 in San Antonio on performance techniques based on his extensive knowledge of the OpenGL pipeline and implementations. Dave and Brad Grantham presented the tutorial.

Powerpoint slides, 1.62MB - s2002PerfOGL.ppt

SIGGRAPH 2001 Performance OpenGL Course Page

Additional presentations and material from Dave Shreiner

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