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LinuxWorld 2000 San Jose - Tutorial HL - OpenGL Acceleration for Linux

David Blythe, Brian Paul, and Brad Grantham presented a three hour tutorial at LinuxWorld 2000 at San Jose on OpenGL on Linux including the OpenGL sample implementation, accelerated Linux solutions based on OpenGL, Mesa, Mesa accleration using Utah-GLX, the Direct Rendering Infrastructure, and other resources for using OpenGL. All slides distributed here are in 3-up slide-notes black-and-white format. Contact Brad Grantham at if you desire the original slide presentations. Cover page and slide content is Copyright © 2000, Brad Grantham, David Blythe, and Brian Paul.

September 12th - Brian Paul added FLTK OpenGL Widget to widgets white paper
August 14th - Slides presented at the conference and whitepapers included in the course notes. Have incorporated feedback from Silicon Graphics, 3dfx, Allen Akin, NVIDIA, and Mark Kilgard (for GLUT), and minor corrections from the presentation.

GDC 2000 Advanced OpenGL Game Development - Introduction to Linux OpenGL

Brad Grantham presented a one hour introduction to hardware acceleration for Linux during Mark Kilgard's "Advanced OpenGL Game Development" course at 2000 the Game Developer's Conference. History
March 14th - Initial upload


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