Testing my propane lamp before the trip

Testing my two-burner propane stove (mmm, Campbell's Chunky Steak and Potatoes)

Shawn came to visit during our first morning on the Playa - Thursday

Araceli, from our neighbor camp, strikes the Burning Man pose with Rick

Our shade structure (Sears 12x20 foot canopy) - our camp was at 4:15ish and Uranus

Lawrence and Jen's sundial and the noon marker

"No, I do NOT like the extra playa dust in my hot chocolate."

Dome across the street with psychedelic sheets from Haight Ashbury

Rick relaxes in the afternoon sun (note the additional yellow cross support ropes installed by Lawrence and Rick)

Lawrence relaxes in the afternoon sun - Cowgirl Jen works on her sundial

Camp Mist-A-Spot (featuring sundial)

Aerial view of Camp Mist-A-Spot with Black Rock City in the background

Aerial view of the YinYang dome (from three story tower)

Jeff from our neighbor camp relaxes while Adrianne gets ready to depart, Saturday

Truck and tent in center are Goldy's Breakfast - served hot Spam and Eggs every morning

Rick strikes an inspirational pose before he and Adrianne depart

This six-foot cube of smoothly-changing lights was an art exhibit on the playa

Burning Man

People waiting for the Man to Burn

The Man raises his arms

Performers twirl fire poi in the pre-Burn show

This one performer was a crowd pleaser!

Fireworks at the Man

Fireworks at the Man

After the Burning Man burnt and fell to the ground, many participants rushed the fire

The Temple at Night

The lower story of the Temple at night. "I LOVE MY LIFE"

Scruffy bandana Brad takes a self-portrait at the Temple

Lawrence and Jen (at center) look on as warriors fight in the Thunderdome

Two women battle on the floor of the Thunderdome

The Road to the Temple

Hallie rides to stay off her injured ankles

Temple Burn

Temple Burn

Temple Burn

Temple Burn (for scale, find the firefighters to the lower left)

Viewers shield themselves from the intense heat of the burning Temple

Thousands of people viewed the Temple Burn, and several silvered kites flew overhead

Silvered kites above the burning Temple

In the darkness after the Temple Burn, a single car illuminates the dust around pedestrians

Scruffy bandana Brad almost ready to depart on Monday morning

Lawrence and Jen just about ready for a hot shower, hot meal, and cool drink