I added two cigarette lighter sockets to this battery box, one for solar panel input and one for 12V output. We used it to power 6 fluorescent lights in our camp.

A life-size "Shrek" greets those North-bound at the Empire General Store (about an hour from Burning Man). Either they are targeting a tourist crowd or they don't get Burners...

I've only just arrived at the ticket-check station and already I feel dry and dusty.

I never found out how people get up on those tall bikes. There sure were a lot of them...

A skywriter drew a figure of the Man. Two people across the street said it looked "gay" (presumably in the bad way) but I thought it was totally fine, gay or not. The Man's, uh, wing-wang is actually a lens flare artifact.

Our neighbor George and his crew had a parachute on PVC pipe arches. They also had a sink, the drain for which can be seen emptying onto the big black gray-water evaporation tarp.

Edwin had a very comfortable dome with a DJ station and a carpeted floor.

"Koke's Camp", across the street, had two cargo containers, a big rig, and space for (I think) 18 tents under that super-tight canopy. That canopy did not move when the wind blew.

People took about 80 pairs of my earplugs, my gift to those not getting any sleep because of the noise.

My canopy. "Camp Earplug", or "Brad and the Four CC's", depending on the time of day.

Smoke rings were frequently produced in the afternoon. For reference, this one is probably about 75 feet across.

My ghetto skirt made from remnants of the fabric I tried to make into pants. I wrote the program that generated the fractal on my shirt.

The Thinker, out behind the Man. This was actually hollow, and events were scheduled in it.

A bear followed by her cubs.

More cubs. The bears were actually trailing behind the guy with the swirl to the far right.

A Runabout from Star Trek, and quite well done.

The first four panels of "My Dad".

The second four panels of "My Dad".

This dome contained only eight printed panels describing its owner's father. Extraordinarily compelling, and very intimate.

Mr. Snuffleupagus! (Check out the Wikipedia page on Mr. Snuffleupagus.)

A teapot dome.

From just a few feet under the Man. Burners could actually turn the man this year by hand.

My climbing buddy's brother-in-law, Simon.

Workin' the skirt thing. But once again my endearing smile looks terrible in a photo.

The girls introduce our neighbor, Johnny, to Phase-10.

Virg looks up. I guess she was winning.

Brad and Jack, old college buddies. You can tell my tie-die skirt is getting more ragged as the days have passed. And I now have extreme playa hair.

The Man before the burn.

As soon as the Man's arms rose, the firedancing began. I couldn't imagine a fire act that wasn't performed, short of someone setting themselves on fire.

Then the fireworks started.

An entire Fourth-Of-July's worth of fireworks went off in about thirty seconds.

Which started Burning the Man.

After the Burn, I saw a giant Cheshire cat.

I also saw a giant lit head driving around. The eyes swiveled.


This fellow had a sail attached to his skateboard, but wasn't getting quite enough wind.