Home-made rendering

I spent quite a bit of time developing rendering software from February to May of 1995. These images were made with a Phong shading anti-aliasing Zbuffer polygon rasterizer including the Phong lighting model, "screen-door" transparency, shadows, and reflections via environment mapping. This code also Zbuffers vectors and text.

A photo album -

Fake diffuse lighting, Gouraud shading (640x480, 55K), March 3

Phong lighting, Gouraud shading (640x480, 12K), March 5

Phong shading, transparency, vectors, anti-aliased (640x480, 75K), March 28

Shadows (512x512, 15K), April 15

Metal teapot (510x355, 17K), April 16

Desk calendar and glazed clay teapot, anti-aliased (512x512, 46K), April 17

Rudimentary environment mapping (i.e. reflections), antialiased (512x512, 30K), April 30. The environment map is also available.

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