Hyperbolic Linear Interpolation Applet

The following keys and mouse actions do interesting things:
(NOTE: you may have to click on the applet once before it will accept keyboard input)

        Left mouse - add a control point
        Middle mouse - move nearest control point
        Right mouse - delete nearest control point

        'i' - zoom in by sqrt(2)
        'o' - zoom out by sqrt(2)
        'c' - hide/show control panel
        '1'...'6' - set size of interpolated points, in pixels
        shift-'1'...'6' - set size of control points, in pixels

        'b' - toggle double buffering
        ' ' - repaint

    Debugging (stuff you don't care about):
        'V' - cycle event debug level (output to java console window).
        'd' - dump control points to java console window
Download source code (compressed jar file)

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