Magic Cube 4D


  Each little cube is a hypersticker.
  Each 3x3x3 cluster is a hyperface.
  Left-click to twist a hyperface CCW.
  Right-click (or meta-click) to twist a hyperface CW.
  Middle-click (or control-click or alt-click) on an outer
      hyperface to rotate it to center
    u -- undo a move
    r -- redo a move
    S -- scramble 40 moves
    shift-1-9 -- scramble by that many moves
    s or C -- solve (cheat)
    c -- clear (reset to unscrambled state)
    o -- toggle outlines
    - - decrease puzzle size (minimum 2x2x2x2) and reset
    + - increase puzzle size (maximum 6x6x6x6) and reset
  Hold down one or more number keys while left- or right-clicking
      to alter which layers are twisted (default is '1',
      hold down '1','2','3' simultaneously to rotate the whole puzzle).
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