Old News

Wed 2/28
7:00 PM
The Final Project requirements are up. Your proposal first drafts are due Monday at lab time and the final proposals must be approved by next Wednesday.
Mon 2/26
4:00 PM
The notes for Wednesday's class are available for download. Additionally, the notes for last week's class are also available (sorry for not having them there for class).
Mon 2/12
5:30 PM
Lab 3 is now available.
Wed 2/14
3:40 PM
The notes for tonight are available for download. Also, in case you forgot, tonight's the midterm.
Mon 2/12
5:30 PM
Lab 3 is now available.
Wed 2/7
12:15 AM
Added the notes for tonight's class, as well as updating the notes for last weeks to reflect what we covered in class. The PowerPoint versions of the notes are also available.
Additionally, the syllabus has been updated. The reading assignments and labs still need to be updated, but the rest of the syllabus should be accurate.
Mon 2/5
6:30 PM
Lab 2 is now available.
Thur 1/25
10:30 PM
Updated the notes for Week 2. to reflect the material covered. Additionally, the notes for next week are also available.
There's also an error in the notes (and the OpenGL Programming Guide) for the orthographic projection matrix. The check the notes for the update.
Wed 1/24
12:00 PM
The notes for tonight's lecture are available. I've also made the PDF file of last week's notes considerable smaller for faster download, if you haven't gotten them already.
Fri 1/12
2:00 PM
Lab 1 assignment is available. Please mail coen290@plunk.org with any questions you have.
Thu 1/11
1:00 AM
Here's where we'll post news and other goodies. Here's the notes from tonight's class. Hope you enjoyed class; I'm pretty excited about your enthusiasm.
Also, we've got the email archive hooked up. Your emails will be digitally preserved forever (or at least until the end of the semester).

Dave Shreiner