LinuxWorld 2000 San Jose
Tutorial HL:

Linux 3D Hardware Acceleration

David Blythe (

Brad Grantham (
(Tutorial Organizer)
VA Linux Systems

Brian Paul (
VA Linux Systems

Copyright © 2000 Brad Grantham, Brian Paul, David Blythe

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In this tutorial, speakers will present hardware acceleration solutions for the OpenGL 3D API under Linux in detail. Tutorial topics include
  • The OpenGL API and the Mesa OpenGL-compatible library
  • Platform-specific OpenGL and Mesa acceleration
  • Completeness and conformance issues for OpenGL and Mesa
  • Feature sets, performance, extensions under Linux
  • Toolkits and support libraries-GLUT, PLIB, Performer, and more
  • Future directions of OpenGL including the Direct Rendering Infrastructure and the Linux OpenGL Base standard.

The tutorial will focus first on practical information that can be used by an OpenGL application engineer (beginner to intermediate) and second, we will present technical information targeted at the driver implementor and those wishing to understand the foundation and design of OpenGL and Mesa (intermediate to expert).