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A software engineering or R&D position that allows me to use my skill in designing simple robust solutions to well-defined challenging problems in computer graphics, computational geometry, math, and physics.




Film Credits

Employment History

2005/5/1 - 2013/6/1 Industrial Light & Magic (Lucasfilm), San Francisco CA

As an R&D Engineer, used my math, physics, and engineering skills in developing new ideas and features, diagnosing problems and bugs, interacting with users, and providing support. Significant contributions included:

2003/10/30 - 2004/8/13 ESC Entertainment, Alameda CA

As a member of R&D staff for feature film visual effects, supported animators and compositors with shot pipeline tools implemented as Maya and Shake plug-ins and scripts. Co-implemented a Pose Space Deformation tool which deforms a mesh based on a set of poses and associated control values; this is used to correct deformation problems introduced by vertex weighting, and was used for character modeling/rigging in Catwoman. Implemented arbitrary-dimensional wavelet based image compression/decompression. Developed simulations to assess feasibility of cloth and crack algorithms.

2003/4/1 - 2003/10/29 Andes Engineering, Sunnyvale CA

As an independent contractor, worked on Blue Marble Viewer (an earth browser using Open Scene Graph), debugged a flight simulator using IRIS Performer clipmaps, and set up a network boot environment for small clusters of Linux boxes to be used to run flight simulators.

2001/6/4 - 2003/3/31 Keyhole Inc., Mountain View CA

As a Senior Graphics Engineer, worked independently and on a team of 3-4 engineers on various aspects of the EarthViewer3D product (now Google Earth), including: navigation; paging hierarchical levels-of-detail of roads, boundaries, and labels, and layering them on elevated terrain. Audited server/client communication code for security and robustness. Implemented JPEG2000 decompression.

2000/3/15 - 2001/2/21 Predictive Systems, Santa Cruz CA

Worked as a Senior Consultant in the following areas:

1992/12/14 - 2000/1/10 Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), Mountain View CA

Worked on teams developing, supporting, and releasing various large graphics API libraries for IRIX, including the following: Highlights:

Summer 1991 Z-Code Software Corporation, San Rafael CA

As a consultant, developed the following modules for the Z-Mail program. These modules are required to work across a wide assortment of UNIX platforms.

Spring 1991 U.C. Berkeley, CA

Summer 1988, 1989, 1990 Ardent Computer Corporation, Sunnyvale CA

As a consultant, developed interactive graphics programs to demonstrate the capabilities of the Titan computer and the Doré rendering environment for Ardent's presentation at SIGGraph '88, '89, and '90. Projects included:

Winter 1988 U.C. Santa Cruz, CA

Summer 1987 Island Graphics, San Rafael CA

February 1987 Computer Science Board, U.C. Santa Cruz, CA

Summer 1986 Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park CA



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